2021 Chief Resident Leadership Retreat

Wisconsin Family Medicine Chief Resident Leadership Retreat 2021


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It is a sincere pleasure to welcome you to these Web-based Resources of the 2021 Wisconsin Family Medicine Chief Resident Leadership Course.  A few historical notes will help set the context for this special retreat.

The Medical College of Wisconsin, Department of Family and Community Medicine began conducting courses for chief residents on leadership and management over 25 years ago!  In 2002 we began inviting all new family medicine chief residents from throughout Wisconsin.  There were two reasons for broadening our focus to all of Wisconsin.  First, Wisconsin offers unique challenges and opportunities to family medicine leaders.  Second, this statewide course is a great chance to foster regional network ties that can have lasting benefits.

For almost 20 years, this course has been jointly taught by faculty leaders from several Wisconsin residency programs.  We have excellent family medicine teachers across Wisconsin who highly value this opportunity to share resources, teach and learn together with you.

In this challenging year of COVID-19, our usual, planned, in-person meeting won’t occur. But we are excited about the chance to be present to you in the form of these resources and one or more announced webinars.  Make these course materials helpful for you: use the contact and resource lists, review the posted content, be actively involved, and invite others to answer questions and guide you. 

We thank the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians for hosting this site, and we invite you to look into WAFP membership. Together we will continue to advance family medicine leadership throughout Wisconsin.


Sincere best wishes from your Course Director,

Seth Bodden, MD
Columbia St. Mary’s Family Medicine Residency Program

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We're pleased to offer a number of valuable sessions led by amazing faculty from residency programs from around the state.

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