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Changes Coming from the ABFM

In January 2019, the ABFM will be launching a pilot program that will assess the value and feasibility of a longitudinal assessment option to the 10-year high-stakes reaccreditation examination.

It’s a beautiful, Saturday afternoon, and 30 of your peers have gathered in a single-window, hotel conference room to complete an American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA). 

While some value this exercise, many feel that this process, as well as others required by the ABFM for board certification, is just another hoop to jump through for busy family physicians that adds little to no value when it pertains to meaningful, life-long learning, and improved patient care. The stress felt through the systematic testing of knowledge and professional mastery, in the name of maintenance of certification, is as burnout inducing to some as prior authorizations, electronic health record (EHR) documentation, and other administrative burdens.

Recently, the ABFM hired a new CEO and a new senior vice president who are resetting the tone at the ABFM; their entire leadership team is fixated on enhanced transparency and making their case for value to their 91,000 Diplomates as the number one priority. Programs, both old and new, are getting a refresh with your daily, “In the Trenches” needs in mind.

Here’s a look at how the ABFM is making meaningful changes that can simplify your life: 

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Periodically, the WAFP offers group Knowledge Self Assessment sessions to help our members meet their ABFM Maintenance of Certification requirements.

Well Child Visits
Virtual KSA
Sunday, February 10, 2019
6:00 – 10:00pm CST
$100 active physicians
$50 residents

The Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians, in partnership with the Illinois, Indiana and Michigan chapters of the American Academy of Family Physicians is excited to announce a virtual, American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM)-endorsed KSA group study on Well Child Visits.

This program will use a web-based system that will allow family physician learners from across the country to complete the KSA and learn from physician experts, while in the comfort of your home or office.

This virtual learning session offers an innovative method for delivering a KSA nationwide to a large group of physician learners at the same time. To participate, all you need is a computer, high speed internet access, a telephone and/or speaker capability (a microphone is not needed as all lines will be muted) and be ready to learn and participate. The day of, participants will use an online polling system to work through KSA questions with our content experts. Our main goal is to pass the exam, with expert speakers offering background assistance on each question. First, questions will be displayed giving participants approximately 30 seconds to respond (time varies based on speed of participant response). Next, the question content will be discussed. Another poll will be launched asking for final answers. Finally, all answers will be submitted as a group and individuals will be credited for completion of the knowledge self-assessment.

Additional Details:

At the session attendees will work together to complete the Knowledge Self-Assessment of the topic content area. Upon passing the assessment you will receive 10 ABFM Certification Points and 8 CME Credits.

  • Attendees will discuss and complete the 60 questions that make up the Knowledge-Self Assessment
  • Illinois AFP will report answers from the group session directly to the ABFM on your behalf
    • After the KSA you may complete the optional Clinical Self-Assessment on your own for an additional 5 ABFM certification points and 4 CME credits. Login to your ABFM profile for more information.

Application for live continuing medical education (CME) credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending.

Registration Information

Before registering for the KSA session, please check your ABFM record to see which modules you have completed within the past three years. Visit the MC-FP section of the ABFM website for more information or call (877) 223-7437.

If you have questions regarding this session, please contact us.

Before you participate, you have a little homework to do!

If this is your first step in the Family Medicine Certification process, please be sure to contact the ABFM (877-223-7437) and obtain your ABFM ID. If you do not recall your password, please use the "Help! I forgot my password and/or username" link on the ABFM website to reset your password. If you have any questions about how many Family Medicine Certification activities are required for you at this time and/or when you need to complete them, the ABFM can assist you. The ABFM will charge a fee to take their test; the amount varies depending on your re-election cycle. This fee is in addition to the cost to participate in our program. You do not need to pay for the KSA activity in advance to earn credit for participation in the program. After completion of the KSA, if you owe your Family Medicine Certification process fee for the year, you will be prompted to pay this within your ABFM Physician Portfolio in order to receive credit for this activity.

Registration deadline: midnight on February 6

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