Maintenance of Certification

CSA Activities Retiring February 15

Reminder: The CSA Activities will be retiring on February 15, 2020 to make way for new self-assessment offerings as ABFM seeks to continually enhance the value of your certification activities.

Inside their Physician Portfolio, Diplomates will continue to have a wide variety of activities available to assess their proficiency in common family medicine topics while they earn family medicine certification self-assessment points.

The schedule to retire the CSA Activities is as follows:

February 15, 2020: The last day to start a CSA
March 17, 2020: The last day to complete a CSA

The ABFM will continue to provide notification of the upcoming deadlines through the end of April 2020.

**Diplomates that have started a CSA and not completed it yet, may login to their Physician Portfolio to complete this activity prior to March 17, 2020 in order to ensure credit is received.

If you have any questions about accessing your ABFM portfolio or your any ABFM activities you currently have in progress, please contact the ABFM Support Center at 877-223-7437 or

ABFM’s alternative to the one-day, every 10 year, proctored examination, FMCLA, launched in January 2019 as a choice for the 8,411 Diplomates whose examination requirement was due in 2019. Of these eligible participants, 73% selected FMCLA over the one-day examination. During the first year of the pilot, ABFM is monitoring the performance of FMCLA in a variety of ways, including a pre-examination questionnaire and quarterly surveys focused on participant experience with this new model of cognitive knowledge assessment. These results will help ABFM to assess the acceptance of longitudinal assessment as a feasible long-term alternative to the one-day exam.

Are you looking to stay up to date on research into patient-centered, high-quality research? Then be sure to check out this newly released supplement to the Annals of Family Medicine. The Annals of Family Medicine is a peer-reviewed research journal to meet the needs of scientists, practitioners, policymakers, and the patients and communities they serve.

The current Annals of Family Medicine supplement issue features editorials on facilitating practice transformation, and original research on a variety of topics including “A Longitudinal Study of Trends in Burnout During Primary Care Transformation”. Be sure to click the read more link for access to over a dozen research articles, editorials, and briefs in the August supplement.


In January 2019, the ABFM launched a pilot program to assess the value and feasibility of a longitudinal assessment option to the 10-year secure examination. Limited to ABFM Diplomates who are currently certified and are in the 10th year of certification due to end Tuesday, December 31, this approach is more aligned with adult learning principles, and when coupled with modern technology, promotes more enduring learning, retention, and transfer of knowledge than episodic examinations.

Pilot participants will answer up to 25 questions online quarterly in lieu of the one-day exam. You may answer questions at anytime and may use clinical references during the assessment. To satisfy your exam requirements, you will need to answer 300 questions over a four-year period and achieve a passing score.

ABFM Diplomates started opting into the ABFM’s FMCLA pilot on December 7, 2018. The last day Diplomates could apply for the pilot was March 1.

For more information and to check your eligibility, visit the ABFM website.




Stay tuned for 2020 KSA offerings

Additional Details:

At the session attendees will work together to complete the Knowledge Self-Assessment of the topic content area. Upon passing the assessment you will receive 10 ABFM Certification Points and 8 CME Credits.

  • Attendees will discuss and complete the 60 questions that make up the Knowledge-Self Assessment
  • WAFP will report answers from the group session directly to the ABFM on your behalf
    • The Clinical Self-Assessment is now optional and may be completed on your own for an additional 5 ABFM Certification Points and 4 CME Credits. (This was previously required under the old SAM format.)

Application for live continuing medical education (CME) credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending.

Registration Information:

Registration is limited to the first 20 participants, in the order that payment is received. Please be sure to make your online payment as soon as you complete the registration form.

Before registering for the KSA session, please check your ABFM record to see which modules you have completed within the past three years. Visit the MC-FP section of the ABFM website for more information or call (877) 223-7437.

If you have questions regarding this session, please contact us at (262) 512-0606.

Before you participate, you have a little homework to do!

If this is your first step in the Family Medicine Certification process, please be sure to contact the ABFM (877-223-7437) and obtain your ABFM ID. If you do not recall your password, please use the "Help! I forgot my password and/or username" link on the ABFM website to reset your password. If you have any questions about how many Family Medicine Certification activities are required for you at this time and/or when you need to complete them, the ABFM can assist you.

The ABFM charges a certification process fee; the amount varies depending on your re-election cycle. This fee is in addition to the cost to participate in our program. You do not need to pay for the KSA activity in advance to earn credit for participation in the program.

Registration deadline:


The WAFP must receive notice of cancellation in writing no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of the event. Requests for full cancellations will be refunded less a $50 administrative fee. View full cancellation Policy

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