Maintenance of Certification

End of Year ABFM Deadlines Approaching

Board-certified family physicians with a certification stage ending on December 31, 2023, are encouraged to log into their MyABFM Portfolio to confirm they have completed any and all outstanding requirements. This includes physicians who last completed their exam requirement in 2014, 2017, or 2020. 

Physicians in the 2019-2023 cohort who do not complete their stage requirements by December 31, 2023, will no longer be board-certified.

To help with these outstanding requirements, physicians can check out the 5 Tips to Avoid the Rush Handout.

If you any questions or need further assistance, please contact the ABFM Support Center at 877-223-7437 or by email at

ABFM Announces Certification Fee Reductions

ABFM recently announced several fee reductions associated with maintaining certification. The new changes offer lower associated costs for participation in Family Medicine Certification and are effective immediately. More details can be found on the ABFM website.

2024 Upcoming KSA's

Periodically, the WAFP offers group Knowledge Self-Assessment sessions to help our members meet their ABFM Maintenance of Certification requirements. Check out our upcoming sessions below.
Additional Details:

At the session attendees will work together to complete the Knowledge Self-Assessment of the topic content area. Upon passing the assessment you will receive 10 ABFM Certification Points and 8 CME Credits

  • Attendees will discuss and complete the 60 questions that make up the Knowledge-Self Assessment
  • WAFP will report answers from the group session directly to the ABFM on your behalf
    • The Clinical Self-Assessment is now optional and may be completed on your own for an additional 5 ABFM Certification Points and 4 CME Credits. (This was previously required under the old SAM format.)

Pain Management

March 8, 2024

Open to the first 30 members who register

This activity focuses on diagnosing chronic pain syndromes in family medicine, identify pharmacologic appropriate therapy for specific conditions, including painful diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, and fibromyalgia, describe the use of active modalities such as exercise and physical therapy in the treatment of chronic pain, recommend appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic options for the treatment of functional chronic pain conditions, explain the indications, risks, and monitoring recommendations for long-term opioid pain medications.

Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act – Individuals who need to self-report time spent training to fulfill the requirement should note that the ABFM Pain Medicine KSA has approximately two-thirds of the 60 total questions which address the topics of appropriate opioid prescribing, substance use disorders in those with concurrent pain, effective pain treatment planning, and substance misuse. The ABFM Pain Medicine KSA offers up to 8 credits of accredited CME. Hours reported should reflect the time spent in the activity.


CME Accreditation:

Info coming soon.

Participation in this KSA will also equate to 10 points towards your ABFM Family Medicine Certification requirements, if applicable.

ABFM Information:

If this is your first step in the Family Medicine Certification process, please be sure to contact the ABFM (877-223-7437) and obtain your ABFM ID.  If you do not recall your password, please use the “Help! I forgot my password and/or username” link on the ABFM website to reset your password. If you have any questions about how many Family Medicine Certification activities are required for you at this time and/or when you need to complete them, the ABFM can assist you.  

The ABFM charges a Certification Process Fee; the amount varies depending on your re-election cycle. This fee is in addition to the cost to participate in our program. You do not need to pay the Certification Process Fee in advance to earn credit for participation in the program. 


The WAFP must receive notice of cancellation in writing no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of the event. Requests for full cancellations will be refunded less a $50 administrative fee. View full Cancellation Policy.

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