2021 Virtual Global Health Summit

October 20-22, 2021

Registration for the Virtual Global Health Summit is Open!

The needs of global health care are changing fast, and family physicians are vital to the success of health equity efforts on a global scale. This year’s virtual Global Health Summit, October 20–22, will focus on leading with equity and quality. This convenient virtual platform will allow your global efforts to begin right at home.

Passionate physicians just like you are coming together to explore the role of family medicine in important issues facing patient care today—like health equity, anti-racism advocacy, equitable partnerships, and decolonialization in global health. As an attendee, you’ll:

Hear from your peers and experienced GH practitioners

  • Network with other physicians from across the globe
  • Identify best practices of ethical engagement in Global Health
  • Broaden your knowledge of culturally diverse patient care in resource-constrained settings
  • Get involved in global health initiatives, at home and abroad
  • Build true and equitable partnerships
  • Global Health Summit will feature 8 main stage presentations, including two international panels, around 40 break-out sessions and poster presentations for networking and engaging with peers virtually.

Global health care affects everyone, so take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the important conversations happening at Global Health Summit.

Be an early bird!

Save $50 off the price of registration. Offer ends September 17.

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