Legislative Agenda

2023-2024 WAFP Legislative Policy Agenda

Improve the Delivery of Patient Care

  • Preserve the strength of the physician-patient relationship and prevent changes to current state law that would interfere in that all-important relationship
  • Maintain the integrity of Wisconsin's physician scope of practice laws and prevent the expansion of non-physician scope of practice laws at the expense of patient health and safety
  • Preserve the current structure of Wisconsin's successful workers' compensation program and prevent the implementation of artificial price controls on health care services provided under the program
  • Support legislation and policies to improve care and increase access to services for Wisconsin residents with mental health needs
  • Promote legislation and policy decisions that take advantage of the benefits and cost-savings of the Patient Centered Medical Home model
  • Support policies that continue to provide critical, yet cost-effective health care benefits to the state's most vulnerable citizens

Strengthen the Physician Workforce

  • Support the Rural Physician Educator Grant Program, which incentivizes and encourages practicing physicians to volunteer as preceptors in rural and underserved areas. These physicians will provide invaluable, one-on-one mentorship to medical students in local communities, ensuring the education of future medical providers
  • Increase state funding for primary care medicine and family practice residency programs, especially in medically underserved areas
  • Support legislative and policies efforts to encourage more primary care physicians to practice in Wisconsin

Improve the Medical Liability Climate

  • Preserve Wisconsin's current medical liability climate and support legislation to further improve the environment - which would benefit both patients and the physician workforce

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