Political Action Committee

The WAFP takes pride in offering members a wide range of services and benefits. One of the Academy's key functions is a strong government affairs program to influence legislation and policies that could impact Family Medicine.

A successful legislative strategy includes three fundamental elements:

  1. Lobbying;
  2. Grassroots advocacy; and
  3. Political support for candidates that share the Academy's views on critical legislative issues


The WIFamMedPAC allows the Academy to be more nimble, and ultimately more effective when participating in the political process. It collects member contributions into a single account and distributes them to candidates under the direction of a governing board comprised of WAFP leadership. While the WAFP maintains, and continues to utilize the Legislative Involvement Fund political conduit, the WIFamMedPAC provides the Academy with a number of additional benefits:

  • Provide the WAFP and its members with another avenue to support state legislative candidates who recognize and support Family Medicine
  • Give the WAFP members another way to participate in the political process
  • Raise the profile of the WAFP among state elected officials

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