Doctor Day

Doctor Day gives family physicians the opportunity to meet personally with their legislators and discuss issues within their field.

Doctor Day 2019

On behalf of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians we would like to thank those who participate in Doctor Day on May 1st, at the state capitol in Madison. It is very important that Family Medicine has a visible and active presence in the legislative and regulatory process. We very much appreciate your time and commitment to participating in this worthwhile endeavor. With over 450 attendees, we made a statement. Thank you and let us know if you would like to be part of the WAFP legislative committee, key contact list or other involvement with the Academy.

Doctor Day 2018 Recap

"Doctor Day was a tremendous success," – Dr. Ken Schellhase, President of the WAFP

WAFP co-hosted another successful Doctor Day this year. On January 30, 510 physicians and medical students from across the state came to Madison to speak to legislators and advocate for their professions. 2018 was the largest attendance yet.

Attendees educated physicians on a number of issues, including Assembly Bill 260, Nurse Collaboration with Physicians, Worker’s Compensation, opioid legislation, and Network Adequacy.

Doctor Day 2018

WAFP President Ken Schellhse, MD with Governor Scott Walker at Doctor Day.

Family Physicians once again represented the largest portion of attendees among the various specialty professions with 58 attendees.

Over 200 medical students attended this year. It’s encouraging to see the future physicians advocating for the profession and Wisconsin health care. Rather than attending legislative office meetings, the students participated in a series of discussions of influential Wisconsin policymakers. Based on feedback, the students indicated they enjoyed that new format.

We also received statistics that 78% of attendees felt the day was well organized, and 83% indicated they would recommend Dr. Day to colleagues. If you have not attended, please consider coming to Doctor Day 2019.

Doctor Day gives family physicians the opportunity to meet personally with their legislators and discuss issues within their field, including: their opposition to the expansion of scope for nurse practitioners, political invasion into the physician-patient relationship, and support for the state's continued work to fight opiate addiction.

"Doctor Day fosters a unique connection between physicians and legislators, allowing participants to share personal experiences and firsthand medical knowledge. This type of open communication is vital to creating patient driven reform and continuing to provide the best care possible." WAFP President Steve Bartz, MD said. 

The WAFP is a statewide association of Family Medicine physicians striving to promote excellence within the healthcare field and working to improve the health of the people of Wisconsin through the advancement of the art and science of Family Medicine. With 3,000 members, the WAFP is the single largest physician specialty group in Wisconsin. In addition to practicing physicians, the WAFP also supports education and research programs for medical students and residents.

A group of WAFP members pose for a group photo at Doctor Day 2018.
Attendees pose for a photo in the capitol at Doctor Day 2018.

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