Doctor Day

Doctor Day gives family physicians the opportunity to meet personally with their legislators and discuss issues within their field.

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Registration for Doctor Day 2020 is now open. Join your physician colleagues from across the state on January 29, 2020 in Madison to learn about the latest policy issues facing Wisconsin’s medical community and meet with legislators. This annual event is important in showing Wisconsin regulators how much the physician community cares about protecting their patients and their profession.

2019 Doctor Day

The Sixth Annual Event Continues to Grow in Numbers and Influence

On Wednesday, May 1, members of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) joined nearly 400 of their physician colleagues at the state capitol for Doctor Day 2019. The annual event brought together nearly 20 physicians’ organizations to advocate on behalf of patients and the health care field. 

“Family physicians need to be advocates for our patients both inside and outside the clinic,” stated Dr. Lisa Dodson, President of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians. “When 400 doctors walk into the Capitol, it sends a strong message to lawmakers that physicians care deeply about the policies that affect our patients and our profession.”

Doctor Day gives physicians the opportunity to meet with their legislators and discuss issues within their field. This year, physicians discussed the current insufficient funding for Medicaid reimbursement rates and the importance of vaccinations in schools.

“Family physicians represented the largest portion of attendees among all physician specialties at Doctor Day 2019,” Dodson said. “I encourage all family physicians to attend this fantastic event next year. Establishing relationships with legislators is one of the best things we can do in ensuring the health of our patients well into the future.”

The WAFP is a statewide association of Family Medicine physicians striving to promote excellence within the health care field and working to improve the health of the people of Wisconsin through the advancement of the art and science of Family Medicine.  With over 3,000 members, the WAFP is the single largest physician specialty group in Wisconsin.  In addition to practicing physicians, the WAFP also supports education and research programs for medical students.


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