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The WAFP has a strong resource – Atlantic Health Partners – to help our members successfully address the financial and administrative challenges of providing immunizations to your patients.

The Complete Guide to Vaccine-Preventable Diseases for Preteens & Teens



When children approach and enter their teenage years, immunity from the vaccines they received during youth declines. Concurrently, as adolescents gain independence, they begin engaging with more places and people, heightening their risk of exposure to disease. To help prepare preteens and teens for healthy adulthood, it’s essential that healthcare providers continue to engage in vaccination conversations and encourage patients to remain updated with their recommended vaccines. In this blog, we offer an overview of vaccines recommended for preteens and teens.

Disclaimer: The Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) has entered into a business relationship with Atlantic Health Partners to offer our members discounts and exclusive savings. This or other affinity program relationships presented by the WAFP in no way implies a WAFP endorsement of the program, supplier, or vendor.

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