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Joseph Gravel, MD, FAAFP

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine inducts WAFP Board member Joseph Gravel MD, FAAFP as President

WAFP extends our heartfelt congratulations to Board member and AAFP Delegate Joseph Gravel, Jr., MD, FAAFP on his induction as the new President of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM).

Dr. Gravel does not see this appointment as an honor, but instead an opportunity.

“We set out to achieve things together during the next year rather than a recognition of prior individual achievements—which are never done without others,” Gravel said. “Helping to lead STFM inspires me to continue striving for collective excellence in teaching and mentoring.” 

Last week in Los Angeles, he was handed the ceremonial STFM gavel. He will be working closely with many leaders in STFM including the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, the Collaborative, and program leaders to advance STFM’s missions. His term will bridge the current Strategic Plan with the still-being-finalized 2025-29 Strategic Plan. 

“This is an important year to get that off to a good start,” Gravel said. 

Dr. Gravel is Professor and Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He served as a residency program director for 20 years.

“A good teacher of family medicine possesses a combination of clinical expertise, communication skills, empathy, and a passion for teaching,” Gravel said. “Enthusiasm, curiosity, and a growth mindset are essential. Great teachers care deeply about their learners, are dedicated to their success, and are willing to go the extra mile when needed.”

He believes family medicine is the best profession in the whole world filled with the best people. 

“You get to be a lifelong learner while doing good, which is a special opportunity,” Gravel said. “Don’t let all the background noise—which is at times deafening—drown out why you chose this remarkable profession and all the good you are doing in the world. Don’t forget the positive impact you are making in peoples’ lives; it is much more than you think and includes not only the patient in front of you but those who care about them. many whom you’ll never meet.” 

His biggest advice is also his simplest: Be willing to adapt. 

“There will be many opportunities disguised as irksome challenges that you didn’t ask for and that you believe you don’t deserve,” Gravel said. “A ‘blessing in disguise’ is a real thing, often realized only in retrospect, and you will succeed if you keep this in mind. And don’t miss the little joys that are there each day if you are open to them.” 

As an inspiration for many others, he understands the importance of strong leadership in a Family Physician’s journey. 

“Choose your mentors wisely,” Gravel said. “If you can’t readily identify your mentors, put some of your precious time into intentionally developing those relationships it will save you time in the long run.”

Finally, he gave a reminder that all advice (including his) with a grain of salt. 

“Wisdom and knowledge are two different things,” Gravel said. “Look at advice as a potentially helpful data point rather than the ‘right answer’ for you.”

As President of STFM, he will be able to connect with other family medicine leaders, including the AAFP national leadership, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas to further enhance family medicine education and patient care.

“I greatly appreciate this opportunity,” Gravel said.

Sarah Hotovy, MD

Former WAFP Resident Director wins “Viste” Award from the Wisconsin Medical Society

WAFP sends special congratulations to Sarah Hotovy, MD for receiving the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Kenneth M. Viste, Jr., MD, Young Physician Leadership Award. Dr. Hotovy has been a respected and engaged leader in the WAFP serving as a Resident Director on our board of directors from 2022-2023 as well as serving as our resident delegate to the Resident Congress at the National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students in 2022. Then you can share the information below with a read more link that goes to the WMS website.

Corina Norrbom, MD

WAFP member receives “Superhero of Medicine” award from Wisconsin Medical Society

Join us in celebrating Corina Norrbom, MD, recipient of the prestigious 2024 Superhero of Medicine Award! Her remarkable achievements align perfectly with the mission of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians. 

Dr. Norrbom's commitment extends beyond her clinical practice. She actively collaborates with various organizations, including the Hmong and Hispanic Outreach Network, the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, and United Way of Marathon County, to enhance healthcare accessibility for underserved populations.

Dr. Norrbom has chosen the Wausau Free Clinic as the recipient of the donation made on her behalf.

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