Strategic Plan

Our mission is to promote excellence in health care and to improve the health of the people of Wisconsin through the advancement of the art and science of Family Medicine, the specialty of Family Medicine and the professional growth of Family Physicians.

WAFP 2022 Strategic Plan - Areas of Focus

Approved by the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians Board on 1/29/2022

Promote "Healthy Physician - Healthy Practice - Healthy Patients" for All Members

Goal 1: Help members with practice issues

  1. Help members with COVID-19 pandemic issues and recovery from ramifications
  2. Engage c-suites
    1. Advocate for alternative models and encourage health systems to build those models
  3. Provide quality improvement resources
  4. Work to foster engagement among physicians (locally, regionally, statewide)
    1. Tie to leadership development

Goal 2: Promote practice transformation

  1. Advocate for alternative models and encourage health systems to build those models
  2. Promote more research and communication with members on DPC
  3. Promote telehealth

Goal 3: Help members with wellbeing and burnout issues

  1. Focus on physical, mental, and financial health of our members in personal and professional lives
  2. Focus on reducing administrative burden and telehealth
  3. Promote patient wellbeing


Promote Family Medicine Advocacy

Goal 1: Develop and promote family physicians as health policy leaders and partners

  1. Continue to be the voice of reason for organized medicine
  2. Increase engagement in the advocacy process

Goal 2: Move to proactive advocacy in the legislative process

  1. Focus on introducing legislation where appropriate
  2. Promote workforce incentives
  3. Address scope of practice and health equity

Goal 3: Advocate for family physician friendly practice of medicine

  1. Provide resources and tools to help members have influence within their system

Nurture and Develop Family Physician Leaders

Goal 1: Nurture the development of Family Physician leaders in communities, practices and WAFP/AAFP

  1. Expand diversity to be inclusive of all members
  2. Identify leadership programs members can take back to their practices
  3. Provide materials and support for members to conduct presentations for colleagues in their practice (clinical topics, advocacy, etc.)
  4. Encourage students and residents to run for AAFP national positions

Grow and Maintain a Family Medicine Workforce

Goal 1: Identify opportunities for public health and family medicine to collaborate.

Goal 2: Attract interest in family medicine; grow family physicians; maintain active membership; keep members in medicine and WAFP.

  1. Create value for student membership
  2. Identify and implement strategies to assist with preceptor recruitment, retention, and training
  3. Provide educational opportunities for FMIG activities
  4. Create opportunities for students and residents to become engaged in legislative efforts
  5. Identify opportunities to reach out to pre-med students. Develop the pre-med pipeline

Goal 3: Create strategies to assist AAFP in achieving the goal of 25% of students selecting Family Medicine by 2030.

  1. Focus on the joys of family medicine
  2. Focus on equal pay for women family physicians
  3. Cross reference tool kits with stories

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